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Professional Project Management Services (PPMS) helps clients complete projects successfully around the world.

PPMS assists owners manage all types of projects.  Over the years we have developed experience in cement plants; power plants; highways and toll roads; transit projects; utilities; levees and pump stations; and some public buildings.  We have helped owners manage projects from design through start-up. 

Our basic philosophy is quite simple - we help clients solve problems.  We are there to assist clients over the long haul.  Many of our clients on board today have been clients for years and we've assisted them on multiple projects over several years.     

Project Planning:  Our forte' has been project planning from the outset.  We can bring our experience in developing a logical and efficient plan to your project no matter what stage it is in.  From concept to close-out every project needs a plan.  Be developing plans that are appropriate for the life cycle stage and audience, the plan becomes the primary communications tool of the project team.  Developing a good project plan and schedule takes training and experience.    

Troubled Projects: Many times we are called when the project is well underway but the owner has become concerned that a key milestone date may be missed.  We can conduct a critical review of the status of the project, the work remaining, and the issues and performance levels to date.  Using that information we can work with the contractor and owner to develop a detailed path forward and then conduct regular reviews to determine if that plan is being followed.  Using these techniques we have had great success in helping refocus the project team on the key areas of the project and avoid missing critical deadlines.  This service can save time, money, and more importantly relationships.

Claims:  While we prefer to help people deliver their projects on time and without problems but we do provide assistance to legal counsel to determine what went wrong so that a fair and equitable settlement between the parties can be reached.  We specialize in development of delay or time impact analysis using CPM schedules and the review of project management practices and procedures followed throughout the life of the project.

BREAKING NEWS (5/28/2010) Ft Bend County Flood Management Association:   PPMS will be one of the sponsors for the 1st symposium in and for organizations responsible for levees and flood plains in Ft Bend County.  The symposium on 6/4/2010 at the Fluor Auditorium will have nationally recognized speakers.  PPMS actively assists with the management of various floor protection projects throughout the County for several Levee Districts.  The symposium has attracted a lot of interest and all available seats were sold-out within a week. 

BREAKING NEWS (5/20/2010):   Grand Parkway - Segment "D" to Proceed:   The Fort Bend County will proceed with the design and construction of Segment "D" of the Grand Parkway from US-59 to I-10 beginning immediately.  PPMS will lead the management efforts for the design and construction of the approximately 14 mile, $150 million dollar program consisting of 11 design and construction project and additional ancillary contracts.


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BREAKING NEWS (5/01/2010):   Phoenix CPM Software:       Recently we began testing all of the available CPM scheduling software available on the market.  Our goal was to find a program that could provide classic CPM scheduling using the classic calculations based upon longest path AND produce a good looking Time Scaled Logic Diagram of the network.  After testing more than 10 different packages we've settled on Phoenix.  We will continue to use Microsoft Project, Primavera 3.1, Primavera P6, NetPoint, or Opens Plan when applicable or a client desires one of those platforms.  But we believe Phoenix will soon become the scheduling software for the construction industry.  Phoenix has the right balance between features, ease of use, simple file structure (no need for a database), cost point, and a certain familiar look and feel.  Check them out at  

BREAKING NEWS (5/10/2010):  Construction CPM Conference:       For many of us who have a lifetime of project management experience in the construction industry, going to the usual "project management" conferences has lost its appeal because now everyone is a project manager.   A few of us have decided to solve that problem by helping host and promote a conference specifically dedicated to construction scheduling. The first annual Construction CPM conference will be held in Orland January 2011 - check it out at


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