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PPMS is dedicated to assisting owners develop, design, and construct capital projects in the most efficient manner possible whether it's an extremely time sensitive project or where keeping costs to a minimum is the primary consideration.  The core principal of PPMS is detailed planning and accurate status reporting throughout the project as the first line of defense to prevent delays and extra costs.  To that extent we can work with your engineers and attorneys to develop the appropriate contract language and specifications before construction begins.  During the project we can help your project team in a variety of ways from regular reviews of project status and written reports, to full time team members on site for the duration of the project.  We can tailor our services to fit the need and the budget of almost every project or situation.  By far the best value is early in the project.  We offer a service we call Project Management Oversight or PMO which is a regular review of the project with written reports outlining potential problem areas along with suggestions on how your project team could better manage the project.  By staying in touch with the project on a regular basis should more significant issues develop our professionals are already up to speed and can step in to assist your project team through the crisis period.  This is a very cost effective way to get professional oversight for minimal cost.



When projects are not going well or have been completed late or with significant cost overruns, PPMS can assist the owner determine the root cause of those delays and help assess the proportional cost to the responsible parties.  The professionals at PPMS all have extensive experience in the construction industry from the contractor's perspective and are therefore capable of identifying excess charges or claims that are not valid.  We believe that all claims begin with at least an element of fact in them and are largely result from a lack of communications during the project.  Our goal is not to deny all claims but to determine the real facts and find the true cause and actual impact for each of the events claimed.  Clients are best served when their consultants work on the basis of facts and don't exaggerate.  Truthful and honest negotiations result in fewer trips to the courthouse and more settlements between the business people on both sides of every dispute.   As a third party it often times easier for our professionals to come in to a project to negotiate change orders and help settle claims and disputes before they reach the legal system.  By being an informed disinterested party we are free to recommend fair settlements to management for their approval, or recommend other actions if necessary.  Our extensive construction experience gives us credibility with all parties.



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