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Claims - When problem on the project turn into problems in the boardroom or the courthouse PPMS can assist legal counsel with analysis on what went wrong, who should share the blame and the cost.  Working with attorneys to develop work product and presentations to demonstrate the relation between the causes and delays or additional cost is one of PPMS strongest areas of practice. 

Troubled Project Recovery - Sometimes the best laid plans go awry.  PPMS can go on site to determine the cause of the current problems and then recommend possible solutions to reduce the impact of the problems.

Strategic Project Delivery - by working with project executives early in the concept phase of a project PPMS helps firms identify the best form of project delivery for their project be it design-build, design-bid-build, self manage or some combination of delivery methods.

Contract Negotiations - most owners do not do major capital projects continuously and are therefore disadvantaged when dealing with engineers and contractors during negotiations.  PPMS helps owners balance this inequity during negotiations.

Change Order Negotiations - Even on the best projects changes occur, often times an owner would be better served if a third party reviewed and assisted in change order negotiations.

Project Planning - The fundamental philosophy behind PPMS is better projects through better planning.  Projects in any phase can be helped by more and better planning. 

Construction Sequencing - Most problems, delays and additional costs arise from a lack of detailed construction planning.  This results in re-sequencing, changes in labor or equipment requirements.  All of these are problems that can be prevented or at least minimized with better construction schedules. 

Maintenance Outage Planning -  Detailed planning is an absolute necessity when it comes to annual maintenance outages or turnarounds.  The professionals at PPMS are experienced, thorough, and can work in almost any environment without disrupting the current operation.   Dollar for dollar you can not beat the return that we can deliver during an outage.  PPMS has a unique system that minimizes the amount of time taken away from the maintenance manager during development.  This method is substantially faster and produces better results than any method we've seen in over 20 years.

Constructability Reviews - During the design phase our experienced construction professional can work with designers reviewing plans and specifications to eliminate unnecessary complications which help reduce the cost and construction duration while increasing the likelihood of contractor compliance during construction.

Training -  PPMS offers training to project teams and firms to increase their skill level for planning, managing, and reducing risk on all types of projects.  Training can be tailored for project managers, project controls professionals, project executives, or legal professionals.  Training can also be targeted for a particular project or phase of a project, i.e. outages, start-up, or close-out. 












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